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Twice monthly readings will be delivered to your inbox every New and Full Moon that contain:

Whats included in the HOROSCOPES:

* Instant download of the last Horoscopes will be delivered upon signup! This one include the Full Moon in Sagittarius Written Readings and the New Moon in Capricorn Podcasts!


EXTENDED FULL MOON WRITTEN READINGS – we only share HALF of the reading on social media since I started doubling the reading for my inner circle tribe! So there is TWICE as much, or more, insight and guidance waiting for you in the HOROSCOPES!


NEW MOON PODCASTS – These have been exclusive to the Moon Vibe Guide for almost 2 years now and not available otherwise -- until now! Every New Moon you get some serious life altering guidance in a 25 minute per sign podcast reading. How KV channels is different in print and voice! These are super entertaining!