Astrology School in PDF

$10.00 USD

Astrology School will tell you HOW YOU WILL FEEL during each day of 2023 so that you don't question your feelings and end up in places you really don't need to be.

Astrology School is a SYSTEM. It will be your daily way to be in the best position to handle the tests and opportunities of the day. You can upgrade your vibration QUICKLY when you aren't swimming upstream all the time and clashing into wounded interactions where things keep repeating and never getting you to your dreams.


☆ 14 Moon Mapping Wheels (Nov and Dec 2022 plus all of 2023)
☆ Interpretations of the moon through the signs.
☆ Interpretations of the moon in the houses
☆ Interpretations of the moon in aspect to the planets.
☆ Interpretations of the moon phases, elements & modalities
☆ Instructions on how to draw the symbols
☆ Instructions on how to manifest by working with the symbols
☆ Instructions of how to read the Moon Maps
☆ Affirmations for each interpretation
☆ Moon degrees for each day of the year.


☆ The words you are going to read are magical!

I am a psychic astrologer and am able to look at symbols and hear what they mean. I don’t study from any astrologers or read any books. I just bring through wisdom. I also am a Pisces born on the last full moon of the year and describe how things FEEL. So, the words will be emotional astrology instead of intellectualized. This means the words hit you to the core and you really feel what they mean.

and private work FROM walking the Moon Maps. They change you. When you can really see where you are in the energies of the month and with what things are hitting you, it's easy to pass all the tests and not lose it when now you KNOW from The Moon Planner that it is to be expected that you feel this way!

☆ When you know, you don’t get worked up in wondering WTF is going on in your life.
Nothing stays the same. The Moon Planner tells you how and when it's going to change! THUS you feel safe in the world and trusting in your divine plan.

FAQ: Do I need to know astrology?
No! I teach you everything you need to know in the book! 

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