Birth Chart Book

$111.00 USD

Back in 1999 I was told that I would be channeling High Vibrational Astrology, and what the planets really wanted us to know about their impact in our lives. For 2 years I hand wrote all this information that I had NO IDEA about, writing 12 pages without even lifting up the pen. I kept this work in hiding for 14 years because I didn't really know that anyone would be interested! Back then astrology had not gone mainstream.

In 2013, I finally shared my work with the world and was booked 6 months that first week! GRANTED, I was so excited to get so many orders that I said yes to all. It ended up hurting me and hurting my reputation because it took so long to get the books out. I have that Moon square Jupiter, and my Jupiter is conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius, so I promise the world, and that is how it is for all of us built this way. We want YOU to be happy, so we HOPE we can do what it takes -- but we often promise way too much.


+ If you still waiting for your purchased book and have gotten lost in the shuffle of all our many moves, REACH OUT HERE and we will get your book shipped within the next few days!



You will get about 80 to 100 pages, printed on recycled paper, with all the information that I channeled back in 1999, and about 12 pages of Human Design in the back of the book. I am not doing any Soul's Purpose Readings anymore, as that used to be an add on option, but THAT is what backed things up with my orders. If you are interested in going deeper, you can book a 1:1 with me after you get your book!



We have over a thousand reviews on our etsy page, so I'll be sharing them here soon, but what I hear over and over is that this is information people have not heard before -- just like with my daily readings. It's deeper -- and also very encouraging. Even when we talk challenging aspects, there still is all this space for support in WHY you are the way you are. There is NOTHING that will deflate you as that is what I hear from people who say they have been ruined by astrologers telling them scary things. This will be a very expansive reading!

I also put it as, you will be hearing what you WISH your mother had instilled in you. You will hear how awesome you REALLY are and how much potential you REALLY have. This will be a book you go to often and another thing is that you will always read things that before you didnt catch. That is part of the magic of this book. You can open to any page and hear JUST what you need to read, and it will always surprise you over the years!



I wrote an article to help you! If you have an idea of a few hours span, we can figure this out! If you can't figure it out, the book will still be about 80%  accurate. It just wont be definite with the house descriptions and the rising sign.


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