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BIRTH CHART BOOK | Channeled wisdom of your path

BIRTH CHART BOOK | Channeled wisdom of your path


In 1999 I channeled 700 pages of astrology that I was told was called High Vibrational Astrology -- YEARS before we used the words high vibration. My guides said that this would be the material to help wake millions of people up so that we could save Earth.

I handwrote all the material and wouldn't lift the pen for 12 pages. I just wrote all these things that I had no idea I even knew. And it has been A JOURNEY to get this material into your hands as I was 6 months booked like the first week I FINALLY launched my business in December 2012 and started sharing what I do. 

And I overpromised the Birth Chart Book (I blame it on my Moon square Jupiter/Neptune conjunction and being a Pisces born on the Full Moon) and got myself in a lot of trouble with backed up orders and letting a lot of people down. So getting too busy is not really a great thing! And I STILL am in the process of getting older orders out and getting it so that we can quickly get this material to everyone.

So we will keep you posted! This is our priority because the information is HEALING and it is everything your soul has been waiting to hear.