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BLOSSOM | Be the real you
BLOSSOM | Be the real you

BLOSSOM | Be the real you


1/4 ounce
1 ounce
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BLOSSOM will help you to:
◦ have courage
◦ reveal your truth
◦ speak from the heart
◦ feel sweeter inside


◦◦◦ Blossom is all about facilitating one in the opening, energizing and showing of your true nature -- which is love. This blend is primarily flower blossoms to capture the essence of the vibrancy and aliveness of summer but also to help you to open the heart and share the true essence of what makes you uniquely you.

This blend is calming to the nervous system so that you may stay centered and happy. This potion was also designed to correlate as a Chinese Medicine based Seasonal Support Remedy for Summer as it balances your FIRE and the focus is on support for the heart and small intestines.


◦◦◦  Ingredient Warnings ◦◦◦

Due to the inclusion of OCOTILLO in this formulation and its effect on moving stagnation in the pelvic region it is NOT RECOMMENDED during pregnancy!





meticulously grown by a friend in his pond. The fact that he can grow them at all in this part of the high desert of Northern New Mexico means they must be magic. There is nothing more transformative and awe-inspiring than the aroma of true blue lotus oil (99.99% of it is fake or processed after the flowers have wilted or rotted)- it literally brings you in direct contact with the divine. When used as a tea it is drunk before bed to stimulate the most epic of dreams. This is truly a divine flower to help you blossom into your beauty and love.


homegrown in pots (that must be moved with the seasons so that they will continue to blossom and survive) it is traditionally drunk throughout Mexico as a cooling summer beverage. Hibiscus is both refreshing in the summer heat but also helps balance the fluids within the body and supports the heart.


homegrown in Northern New Mexico. Calendula is frequently found in lotions and oils but can also be taken internally. Calendula has been called “sunshine in a bottle” both for the bright yellow blossoms and the uplifting and moving effects it produces. Calendula stimulates the lymphatic system to help gently rid the body of toxins but also acts as an efficient anti- bacterial agent and anti-inflammatory. Calendula can be used to treat infections, but I include it in this formulation for its sunny disposition and liver stimulating effects.


homegrown in Northern New Mexico, these blossoms are demure and simple compared to the showy versions we prize for bouquets in the fall. The white flowers have a gentle cooling action as well as a direct benefit on the blood and circulation to improve vitality and balance.


collected in Northern New Mexico from mountain bushes and supplemented by some from my own garden bushes, elderflower blossoms are perhaps best known for their deliciously sweet and delicate aroma. Elderflower has a wonderfully anti-inflammatory and immune boosting effect on the system and is even soothing for those suffering from hay fever. This flower, like many of the others included in this formulation has been consumed for centuries both for its lovely flavor and its health benefits.


collected from the wild cacti so prevalent in the southern part of New Mexico, their fiery red blossoms indicate the start of summer in the desert. Historically, the Apache collected these blossoms for tea to treat sore muscles while the bark and root have also been used traditionally. Though a plant with mildly warming properties, it is used to treat stagnancy of the blood and lymph with a particular affinity for the pelvic region from the liver to the sexual organs. Ocotillo’s effects can be far reaching from energetic blockages to physical stagnation.


collected from the wild rose bushes in the mountains of New Mexico, roses bring some extra love and fragrance to the blend. Roses provide the extra heart opening to any elixir as well as gently providing the support we all need to the liver.


homegrown in Northern New Mexico, Tulsi is also known as holy basil and is one of the more beautiful of the adaptogenic herbs. Tulsi is used for a wide range of properties including antibacterial and antiviral effects. It has an almost floral aroma to match its spiciness and is excellent at calming anxiety and stress while still stimulating mental processes.


homegrown in Northern New Mexico, Isatis root is one of the most cooling of Chinese herbs, it will help to cool the internal fires through the heat of the summer.


Other Ingredients: spring water and brandy.

* we ONLY use brandy and we do it because we love you and the plants. Grain alcohol isn't good enough for either.



EMPATH SHEILD: helps you to be more carefree and light-hearted.

LIGHTNING BOLT: calms your system and grounds you so that things aren't so overwhelming.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN: helps you let the past go and to feel more confident with your grip on life. This potion will help you feel like you GOT IT.




HIGH VIBE WOMAN: #1 pick. Badassary to the max.

EMPATH SHIELD:  helps you go into the places you normally resist or fear. Helps you to not feel so self-conscious, thus freeing you to be you.

BLOSSOM: this is great for allowing you to be true to you and not hold back. Perfect for when you want to ask someone out!




MAGIC 11:  this is what you need to get the job done when you don't want to do it! It helps you switch tracks and change patterns.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN: you WILL get the job done with this potion. It adds masculine energy to your feminine self and you will be the go getter.




ENERGIZE:  if you need energy late at night but still want to sleep this is your potion! It's clean energy.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN:  energy GALORE -- but it will keep you up if you take it too late in the day.




ENERGIZE:  to keep your system strong and carrying on especially in cold season.

TOXIN SHIELD: to protect you from bad vibes, pesticides and chemicals in the air.

DETOX: a daily cleanse that keeps your liver supported and your skin looking better.




LIGHTNING BOLT: immediately get 20 drops into your system and repeat as often as you need. This one can be used in larger doses.

BLOSSOM:  this potion can help you feel good about yourself as it softens you inside.   This is salve to a broken heart.




LIGHTNING BOLT: brings upliftment.

BLOSSOM: brings light and happy vibes.

EMPATH SHIELD: brings carefree and loving vibes.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN: brings confidence that shifts your moods to UP, to I AM OKAY.

MAGIC 11: this is a catalyst potion that works in many ways, but it takes you out of one thing and puts you in another. So if you WANT to feel better, take this potion and TELL IT where you want to go. It will bring you there.




MAGIC 11:  helps you remove yourself from where you don't need to be and plants your feet where you DO need to be.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN:  helps you let it go and stay in this moment while amping your confidence in knowing letting go is for your best.


FDA DISCLOSURE:We are not doctors. The products we talk about and statements we make are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; they have NOT been evaluated by the FDA.