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DETOX | Be Clean + Clear
DETOX | Be Clean + Clear

DETOX | Be Clean + Clear


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DETOX will help you to:
◦ let it go
◦ with liver and gallbladder support
◦ daily detox
◦ keep things moving


DETOX is all about facilitating the movement of shedding, detoxing and letting things go. In the spring everyone is dealing with shedding layers ... literally, physically, metaphorically and emotionally. Everything has slowed down from winter food and staying in doors. This tincture is to help you move into the summer months with ease.

This potion was also designed to correlate as a Chinese Medicine based Seasonal Support Remedy

Season: Spring
Element: balances WOOD
Organs: focus is on the LIVER and GALLBLADDER


Review from KV: I wanted to say that my Acupuncturist totally noticed a difference from me using this tonic after a few weeks and she said I am harmoniously balanced in WOOD (which this tincture DOES!) which is why I then told her about this product and she said my tongue looked great and my pulse had more chi, or more energy moving through my body! She also got excited by my improvements since my last month visit and asked me to bring a bottle for her for my next visit!


◦◦◦  Ingredient Warnings ◦◦◦

None. Safe to use as a daily cleanse.





home grown in Rosie's yard in Santa Fe. New Mexico. Really great liver mover and blood purifier. Great at increasing circulation too, and detoxification of the skin (many people take it year round for acne or eczema). It is also soothing to the stomach. I love herbs that can be food too - this is probably my favorite one because it is tasty but also because it is a good mover and liver cleanser and also highly nutritive.


(both home grown and wild crafted in northern NM) tincture and infusion in spring water (nettle has components that can be extracted by brandy but also some that are better extracted with water so we do both). This is the typical one for spring allergies. Reduces inflammation and histamine response. Also incredibly rich in minerals. Many people drink the infusion throughout the year, both dried and fresh, for the mineral benefits (especially iron) as well as the gentle, stimulating effects on lymphatic system and protective liver effects. There are many other wonderful effects nettle leaf but suffice to say it is the typical spring tonic herb. I like it because it’s a mover and a builder in a nutritive sense and is frequently even used as a food.


another herb that’s also a food (you can eat the greens, root and flowers). Another traditional liver mover. Great stimulant to the system especially livers and kidneys and as a mild laxative.


wild crafted in northern NM. Typical adaptogenic herb, gives you energy but also helps deal with the stress of changing seasons. It is typically used for endurance but also helps with oxygenation and blood supply to cells. Helps you amp up your energy as we become more active moving into summertime.


wild crafted in northern NM. Traditional lymphatic tonic and blood purifier as well as diuretic. Basically it helps both liver and kidneys do their thing.


tincture and infusion (organically grown in NM south of Albuquerque but not by me). Contains high levels of vitamin C and ellagic acid. Vitamin C helps with the immune system, collagen production as well as helping with the absorption of iron from the nettles

Other Ingredients: spring water, agave and brandy.

* we ONLY use brandy and we do it because we love you and the plants. Grain alcohol isn't good enough for either.



EMPATH SHEILD: helps you to be more carefree and light-hearted.

LIGHTNING BOLT: calms your system and grounds you so that things aren't so overwhelming.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN: helps you let the past go and to feel more confident with your grip on life. This potion will help you feel like you GOT IT.




HIGH VIBE WOMAN: #1 pick. Badassary to the max.

EMPATH SHIELD:  helps you go into the places you normally resist or fear. Helps you to not feel so self-conscious, thus freeing you to be you.

BLOSSOM: this is great for allowing you to be true to you and not hold back. Perfect for when you want to ask someone out!




MAGIC 11:  this is what you need to get the job done when you don't want to do it! It helps you switch tracks and change patterns.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN: you WILL get the job done with this potion. It adds masculine energy to your feminine self and you will be the go getter.




ENERGIZE:  if you need energy late at night but still want to sleep this is your potion! It's clean energy.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN:  energy GALORE -- but it will keep you up if you take it too late in the day.




ENERGIZE:  to keep your system strong and carrying on especially in cold season.

TOXIN SHIELD: to protect you from bad vibes, pesticides and chemicals in the air.

DETOX: a daily cleanse that keeps your liver supported and your skin looking better.




LIGHTNING BOLT: immediately get 20 drops into your system and repeat as often as you need. This one can be used in larger doses.

BLOSSOM:  this potion can help you feel good about yourself as it softens you inside.   This is salve to a broken heart.




LIGHTNING BOLT: brings upliftment.

BLOSSOM: brings light and happy vibes.

EMPATH SHIELD: brings carefree and loving vibes.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN: brings confidence that shifts your moods to UP, to I AM OKAY.

MAGIC 11: this is a catalyst potion that works in many ways, but it takes you out of one thing and puts you in another. So if you WANT to feel better, take this potion and TELL IT where you want to go. It will bring you there.




MAGIC 11:  helps you remove yourself from where you don't need to be and plants your feet where you DO need to be.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN:  helps you let it go and stay in this moment while amping your confidence in knowing letting go is for your best.


FDA DISCLOSURE:We are not doctors. The products we talk about and statements we make are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; they have NOT been evaluated by the FDA.

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Miriam C.
United States

Such loving elixirs

I absolutely LOVE these products! You feel the loving vibe from how things are wrapped up and packaged. This is not my first order or my last! Thank you!!