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EMPATH SHIELD |  Be Social + Live Life
EMPATH SHIELD |  Be Social + Live Life

EMPATH SHIELD | Be Social + Live Life


1/4 ounce
1 ounce
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EMPATH SHIELD will help you to:
◦ feel shielded around others
◦ open your heart
◦ help you feel carefree
◦ turn you into a social butterfly


Empath Shield "PROTECTOR OF SPACE" was crafted to protect sensitive people from feeling the energies flowing around them to the point they are uncomfortable in the world -- and missing out on the life they could be living. This potion seals you from other's energy, while it opens your heart so that you can remember how wonderful you ARE.

Sealing your space is only half the process because when you naturally close down from feeling other's energy, you also end up closing your own heart. So we addressed this in Empath Shield and you will love how much more you feel love for yourself after taking a few drops


◦◦◦  Ingredient Warnings ◦◦◦






Tincture of beautiful bright resin from Yemen. Helps to bring people to a state of wholeness and strength, while providing a sense of stability and support with their connection to the divine. Can help you to detox from patterns that are not for your best.


wild crafted hydrosol in a copper still. A gentle, but very penetrating and opening essence, bringing peace and balance, but also clearing negativity and providing protection. Helpful in removing self-criticism and feelings of guilt or shame.


wild crafted flower essence from the Sante Fe, NM ski basin. This is the number one essence for protection and emotional boundaries. Yarrow helps to strengthen people who are very sensitive and who tend to feel depleted and vulnerable in public settings.


flower essence. Comfrey helps to heal physical and emotional issues so as to keep us from manifesting patterns of repeat behavior. When you feel like you are a victim, you manifest situations that reinforce that. This will help heal the trauma.


flower essence. Helps you to stay centered, grounded and in control of your thought patterns.


Home grown tincture of ONLY the fresh flowers (most tinctures use the dried vine or leaves). This beautiful essence brings calm feelings and eases chronic worrying. This can really stop the thoughts and make you feel like you are floating on air!

◦ ROSE ◦

nourishes and opens the heart and soul. Brings a calm feeling as well as aligning the thoughts to more positive vibrations. Creates the whole, "It's all good!"


Full Moon Infusions. Grounding, clearing and helps people to feel more present in the world.


Other Ingredients: spring water and brandy.

* we ONLY use brandy and we do it because we love you and the plants. Grain alcohol isn't good enough for either.



EMPATH SHEILD: helps you to be more carefree and light-hearted.

LIGHTNING BOLT: calms your system and grounds you so that things aren't so overwhelming.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN: helps you let the past go and to feel more confident with your grip on life. This potion will help you feel like you GOT IT.




HIGH VIBE WOMAN: #1 pick. Badassary to the max.

EMPATH SHIELD:  helps you go into the places you normally resist or fear. Helps you to not feel so self-conscious, thus freeing you to be you.

BLOSSOM: this is great for allowing you to be true to you and not hold back. Perfect for when you want to ask someone out!




MAGIC 11:  this is what you need to get the job done when you don't want to do it! It helps you switch tracks and change patterns.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN: you WILL get the job done with this potion. It adds masculine energy to your feminine self and you will be the go getter.




ENERGIZE:  if you need energy late at night but still want to sleep this is your potion! It's clean energy.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN:  energy GALORE -- but it will keep you up if you take it too late in the day.




ENERGIZE:  to keep your system strong and carrying on especially in cold season.

TOXIN SHIELD: to protect you from bad vibes, pesticides and chemicals in the air.

DETOX: a daily cleanse that keeps your liver supported and your skin looking better.




LIGHTNING BOLT: immediately get 20 drops into your system and repeat as often as you need. This one can be used in larger doses.

BLOSSOM:  this potion can help you feel good about yourself as it softens you inside.   This is salve to a broken heart.




LIGHTNING BOLT: brings upliftment.

BLOSSOM: brings light and happy vibes.

EMPATH SHIELD: brings carefree and loving vibes.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN: brings confidence that shifts your moods to UP, to I AM OKAY.

MAGIC 11: this is a catalyst potion that works in many ways, but it takes you out of one thing and puts you in another. So if you WANT to feel better, take this potion and TELL IT where you want to go. It will bring you there.




MAGIC 11:  helps you remove yourself from where you don't need to be and plants your feet where you DO need to be.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN:  helps you let it go and stay in this moment while amping your confidence in knowing letting go is for your best.


FDA DISCLOSURE:We are not doctors. The products we talk about and statements we make are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; they have NOT been evaluated by the FDA.