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FIX FACE OIL |  AMAZING product for blemished and mature skin

FIX FACE OIL | AMAZING product for blemished and mature skin


FIX Face Oil || powerful correction for the blemished or mature skin

This blend is wonderful for anyone dealing with acne or stressed skin. It has both antimicrobial effects as well as calming and healing properties. The resinous and earthy aroma will remain with you throughout your day bringing calming and grounding to your soul while balancing tone and nourishing your skin. Can also be used as a spot treatment on blemishes.

Personally, I use this blend over my entire body as frankinsence and helichrysum have the ability to strengthen skin elasticity, protect against both blemishes and sagging skin, and heal scars and diminish stretch marks.

➤➤ ➤ And a review from KV: I LOVE this oil! I have talked about it on my social networking sites as I have used it for months before the launch. And what it did for me is that is reversed some of that damage that women go through with their necks during our 40’s and 50’s. It toned my neck within 24 hours! For this reason I really recommend this for women in their late 30’s and 40’s to get a head start on the inevitable aging neck. What I also love is that this oil absorbs right away and does not sit on top looking all shiny. Rosie told me that is because of the Jojoba. I appreciate this. Even my Chinese Medicine Doctor, who I see every 2 weeks noticed that my skin looked younger! YES! I am never going to let FIX be out of stock!

This product contains all natural oils extracted by distillation free of pesticides and solvents and no synthetic ingredients or fragrances. However, as with any skin care product, please spot test before use and if irritation occurs discontinue use.

Everyone wants flawless skin, and while this blend helps heal your skin, I feel it must be noted that while perhaps a cliché, truly perfect skin comes from the inside. If you want perfect skin stop eating junk and deal with your gut, liver and your hormones. This does not mean do a “cleanse” and resume life as it was before, this is a lifelong process of maintaining balance within your life. In order to heal scars and things like stretch marks or varicose veins make sure you are eating collagen building foods. I also recommend taking our Mojo powder internally and mixing it into a paste with honey and clay and applying it to scars. Our hormone balancing drink mixes (Sustain available now and Hormone Balance coming soon) can assist with skin issues as well when taken as tonics.

Apply several drops to clean skin.

➤ Frankincense essential oil: Frankincense is historically used in a spiritual context, it is still burned in many churches, but it also has anti microbial and anti inflammatory benefits for problem skin. Frankinsence is useful in regenerating skin cells in order to heal scars, as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

➤ Helichrysum italicum essential oil: Also known as Immortelle, helichrysum is a very, very magical plant with super healing properties in its ability to treat the effects of stress on the skin and heal scar tissue. It is known for its effects on the lymphatic system and its ability to knock down swelling rapidly. Helichrysum is frequently used in acne and scar formulas. Supposedly it can also help with fungal infections such as candida.

➤Vetiver essential oil: The root of the vetiver plant is used in distillation and imparts an aroma reminiscent of the smell of the forest floor. It is used in cases of acute burnout and exhaustion for its calming effects. Vetiver also prevents and reduces wrinkles and stretch marks and is sometimes used to treat acne.

➤Pomegranate seed oil: Due to its high antioxidant content, pomegranate seed oil can help nourish the skin and slow the aging process. It also helps protect and heal damaged skin

➤Rosehip seed oil: Rosehip seed oil has a potent ability to reduce wrinkles and heal damaged skin by promoting cell growth and collagen production. It is rich in vitamin A and many essential fatty acids which help improve appearance and elasticity of the skin. Due to its lightness, it is easily absorbed into the skin.

➤Jojoba oil– Well known as the carrier oil most similar to our skins natural sebum, jojoba oil also contains large amounts of vitamin E which is helpful in healing scars and abrasions.

➤Infusion of Aquamarine: Aquamarine is valued historically as stone of eternal youth but it is also a stone of empowerment.


We are not doctors. The products we talk about are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; they have not been evaluated by the FDA.