Good Morning Love

$8.00 USD

After 6 years of doing daily readings in the Moon Vibe Guide, we are shifting into an EMAIL ONLY offering and away from a pdf and website viewing. We also are lowing the monthly price AND raising the value!

Our time is limited and many of you are hearing the call that you need to step up and stand true to your soul's purpose. Our newsletter is geared to keeping you in the know of energies on the way while inspiring you to keep facing the issues and working to create your better days.

On January 1, 2024 we have the MOST EPIC SHIFT that we have been waiting for and it will be when many of you are FULLY in the New Earth, wide awake and in love with the days you get to live. UNTIL THEN, and starting with the Eclipse on November 8, the pressure is ON and it will be about getting you to grow and look within and TRULY vibrate in they ways your MIND thinks you vibrate. 

We need 144,000 people TRULY vibing highly in order to shift the flow for the rest of the world to follow. I believe this event happens in 2024. BUT only from all the soul healing, wound facing, depth work we do in 2023.

My new efforts are to keep you FULLY in the know and helping you make better decisions than your wounded self would do. It's time to do the work and GOOD MORNING LOVE Is here to help you do it all high vibe style!


GOOD MORNING LOVE will be your ultimate support system where you get:

  • The daily readings sent to you in an email at midnight mountain time.
  • Links pointing you to Astrology School articles for the planets that come into contact with the moon on that day, the numerology, the moon sign and the moon phases. These emails will keep you in touch with the insider information and WHAT you need to be reading on each day.
  • Crystal suggestions for the day so you can roll the best vibrations to help you handle what is on the way.
  • The Moon Mapping wheel for the month.
  • Energy Updates that come to YOU FIRST. We will even send an extra email if something comes up after we sent the midnight email. 
  • All the latest blog posts from my new team that will be onboarding in the next few weeks! So each email will always sum up what is going on with our efforts.
  • Moon Phase VIDEO where I go over the Moon Mapping Wheel and do a reading about what the next week will be all about.
  • NEWSLETTER & READ ONLINE! Not only will you get a daily email keeping you in the know, you also can access any of the Astrology School articles from the website!


    AFTER PURCHASE, your email address will be added to our private newsletter and the next email will show up in your account!

    The readings are coming from KERRYANNAVANZO.COM and it may show up in your promotions or junk, so look around if you haven't gotten the email within 24 hours and STAR or tell the filters that the newsletter is important so it knows to show up in your main feed! 

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