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MAGIC 11 |  Change patterns now
MAGIC 11 |  Change patterns now

MAGIC 11 | Change patterns now


1/4 ounce
1 ounce
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MAGIC 11 will help you to:
◦ have a can do attitude
◦ change habits
◦ do what is hard to do
◦ create smooth transitions


Magic 11 is our latest potion -- and just what we all need! This one is magic. What we have here is assistance when you need to move out of one situation and into another.  I actually at first thought of naming it "Ooiii" -- out of it/into it -- because it does just that! It takes you out of where you know you don't need to be and puts you where you should be focusing.

Use Magic 11 when you have to do what you just don't want to do. This is also how you can start those new patterns and solidify them so they become your new habits. Take it with all new brave moves in your life and you will change for the better! You can do it with Magic 11 as your co-pilot.

I used this formulation to help me with my 40 Day Fast and with the integration of new eating patterns. It made it easier for me to stick with the fast when I started to think I couldn't keep with my goal.


◦◦◦  Ingredient Warnings ◦◦◦

Do not take while pregnant.





Mugwort flower essence helps with our dreams and particularly works to integrate the dream world with the physical world. The plant itself was traditionally used for both clearing negative energies and also to induce dreams during sleep. There is only a thin veil between our waking and sleeping dreams, this essence helps us unify the two edges of our reality.


Queen Anne’s lace is another flower for visioning or envisioning. The flower essence is used to balance the physical reality with the psychic senses and can be very helpful for grounding dreams or psychic desires into harmony with the world.


The pink variety seems to have a very special connection with protecting the heart and helping to create loving boundaries while still leaving you open to the infinite possibilities of love and beauty


Hawthorn is a magical plant with a strong affinity to the heart. This flower essence was made on May Day - traditionally the day when the Hawthorn tree opened to other realms. The tincture is made from fresh berries and is used as a traditional heart remedy working on the physical and the emotional heart. The flower essence is used to bring balance during emotional turmoil or periods of stress.


Lady slipper is a beautiful rare wild orchid from the woodlands. (no lady slippers were harmed in the making of this flower essence). The flower essence helps one to express their inner vision into the outer world. The essence assists with the integration of what you want with where you are both physically and emotionally.


Rose is another magical plant of the heart. The flower essence was made of wild roses on the summer solstice for extra intensity. While the tincture contains only the fresh beautiful petals of wild roses. This is the plant to soothe and bring courage to the heart. We use both the tincture and the essence to help it both physically and emotionally.


Motherwort tincture is made from fresh flowering tops from our garden, it is traditionally used as a nervine and to strengthen the heart among other things. We add it to bring grounding and soothing qualities to our vibrational remedy


Other Ingredients: spring water, agave and brandy.

* we ONLY use brandy and we do it because we love you and the plants. Grain alcohol isn't good enough for either.



EMPATH SHEILD: helps you to be more carefree and light-hearted.

LIGHTNING BOLT: calms your system and grounds you so that things aren't so overwhelming.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN: helps you let the past go and to feel more confident with your grip on life. This potion will help you feel like you GOT IT.




HIGH VIBE WOMAN: #1 pick. Badassary to the max.

EMPATH SHIELD:  helps you go into the places you normally resist or fear. Helps you to not feel so self-conscious, thus freeing you to be you.

BLOSSOM: this is great for allowing you to be true to you and not hold back. Perfect for when you want to ask someone out!




MAGIC 11:  this is what you need to get the job done when you don't want to do it! It helps you switch tracks and change patterns.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN: you WILL get the job done with this potion. It adds masculine energy to your feminine self and you will be the go getter.




ENERGIZE:  if you need energy late at night but still want to sleep this is your potion! It's clean energy.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN:  energy GALORE -- but it will keep you up if you take it too late in the day.




ENERGIZE:  to keep your system strong and carrying on especially in cold season.

TOXIN SHIELD: to protect you from bad vibes, pesticides and chemicals in the air.

DETOX: a daily cleanse that keeps your liver supported and your skin looking better.




LIGHTNING BOLT: immediately get 20 drops into your system and repeat as often as you need. This one can be used in larger doses.

BLOSSOM:  this potion can help you feel good about yourself as it softens you inside.   This is salve to a broken heart.




LIGHTNING BOLT: brings upliftment.

BLOSSOM: brings light and happy vibes.

EMPATH SHIELD: brings carefree and loving vibes.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN: brings confidence that shifts your moods to UP, to I AM OKAY.

MAGIC 11: this is a catalyst potion that works in many ways, but it takes you out of one thing and puts you in another. So if you WANT to feel better, take this potion and TELL IT where you want to go. It will bring you there.




MAGIC 11:  helps you remove yourself from where you don't need to be and plants your feet where you DO need to be.

HIGH VIBE WOMAN:  helps you let it go and stay in this moment while amping your confidence in knowing letting go is for your best.


FDA DISCLOSURE:We are not doctors. The products we talk about and statements we make are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; they have NOT been evaluated by the FDA.