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SOUND HEALING | Attune to the Energies of the MOON PHASES
SOUND HEALING | Attune to the Energies of the MOON PHASES

SOUND HEALING | Attune to the Energies of the MOON PHASES


This is such a special gift where you will be able to align to the energies of each of the 4 Moon Phases through the 4 Sound Healings by Rick Batyr and Written Material on the Moon Phases by KV.

Remember how much the Moon affects the bodies of water on this planet! Now remember that we are MOSTLY water. Now understand that these Sound Healings ALIGN us to the flows of the Moon! This puts us into perfect balance with the Moon energies, which means we will be IN THE FLOW, instead of having things always come and shock us and throw us off balance!

When you align to the Moon, you will be in the natural cycle of the ebb and the flow. You will know when to plant seeds and when to put your dreams out there. YES there are unique timings and when we are off center or have a sort of jet lag, we put our dreams out there at midnight when everyone is asleep and they don't see them. This 4 Part MP3 set will naturally tune you, like a guitar to the best timings for you! You also get a 10 page PDF with suggestions for how to work with these Sound Healings and also the descriptions of the 4 Moon Phases as published in the Way of the Moon Journey book.

After you order, the link will be up to the right hand corner of your receipt. This will come as a 10 page PDF with the link to go into the dropbox mps files AND a word doc with the dropbox link in case you cannot access PDF.

Hello beautiful souls!

My name is Rick Batyr, I am a sound medium channeling healing vibrations from spirit through music. I am honored to be a part of the amazing Aquarius Nation Collective. Contained in this download is very potent vibrational medicine. These sound healings were created as tools to help you to connect to the energies of each moon phase. You will find that each song has a very different vibration that corresponds and connects to the moons energies in harmony with the wisdom and insight provided to you by KV.

Using healing music and vibration affects us on many layers. Sound and frequency helps us to heal down to a micro cellular level. The harmonics and vibrations embedded in these channeled sound healings will help you on multiple levels at one time when you allow yourself to meditate and be mindful of the sounds you are hearing.

Rick Batyr is a sound medium. Channeling spirit through sound in order to create healing music and vibration for the good of all who listen. With a background as a professional musician/producer Rick has merged his musical talents with the science of sound and spirituality. Using a combination of Reiki, Meditation, Shamanism and akashic records Rick is able to become a hollow reed and transmit healing vibrations and music from ascended masters, spirit guides and angels. With a diverse catalog of healing music constantly expanding Rick’s goal is to help as many beautiful souls as possible discover the powerful transformative modality of sound. Sound affects us on a cellular level and has the ability to help us quite the mind, clear out what no longer serves, and bring us back to a state of balance and harmony. In an attempt to help many understand and utilize this modality Rick performs live healings and workshops and is the host of Prana Sounds Radio. If you would like to explore Rick’s work please feel free to visit his webpage or connect on Facebook.