1:1 Session with KV

$180.00 USD

I am here to help quickly transform your situations and get you knowing what you REALLY need to know about your future or love life or career or reason for being in some situation. I am here to show you who YOU ARE and how powerful you ARE. I am here to guide you across bridges and empower you to live out your soul's purpose mission. 

I'm really good at working through blocks and assisting you with what will put your life into a better position. When you have doubts, I will be what grounds you and gets you into where you need to be and how you need to see it. I shift perspectives quickly.


This session is an hour long. We will reach out to you to schedule your time! But feel free to send us your preferences and we also will need your birth information after purchase so I can get fully with all your data before we begin.


If you hear this call, I look forward to finally seeing you!! Many of you have been around me for years and I know your name. It will feel like you are coming home when we are together. That is what my clients say. Love you! xo KV

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