60 minute Session with KV

$250.00 USD

I am here to guide you and inspire you. What would you like us to co-create? What answer do you need to hear? What directions are you pulled in? What clarity do you need that you hope will set you free?

I am here to help quickly transform your situations and get you knowing what you REALLY need to know about your future or love life or career or reason for being in some situation.

It is my honor to serve YOU! This session is for just one hour long connection, but if you want more, I do life coaching where we work deeper on blocks and issues in your life.

I am was born on the last full moon, which makes it Virgo, and it's in the 8th house. I was born to detective my way through your blocks and into what will put your life back into order! 


Can't wait to see you finally in our zoom call!

xo Kerryanna

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